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  Welcome to Pakistan Insurance Service for Karachi.  

Karachi Insurance companies: Karachi is Capital of Sindh province and Commercial hub of Pakistan. It has a sea port. Karachi has Offices of every company having its operations in Pakistan so do insurance companies.. Karachi is a city with a population of over a billion, obviously requires organizations to insure people and their properties. Insurance companies in Karachi have to deal with immense population and they canít satisfy needs of all of them, so second line of force in the form of banks are also there to provide security to the people of Karachi. One, if not all among Life insurance, property insurance ,car insurance , fire insurance are bought by Karachites in order to buy insurance and get their properties secured.

Banks provide insurance cover to their customers with different terms and conditions as compared to regular insurance companies. Its always better to buy insurance from insurance companies as they are specialized in this field. Karachi is very busy city, roads are full at all times with traffic and people, it is all matter of survival in Karachi, people buy life insurances keeping in view the law and order situation of the city for past decade or two. Mates of Karachi also buy Car insurances because of the fact that lots of dacoities takes place which involves snatching of cars and they pay little money to secure big. Fire insurance and property insurances are also proffered in Karachi by industrialists.As commercial hub of the country Karachi has lots of industries ,to secure and protect their savings and investments. .

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